About Tiffany

My name is Tiffany (as you probably already saw...) and I am an amalgamation of puns, witty repartee, nerdiness, and creativity with a dash of awkwardness for good measure.


I originally tripped into photography through my love of film making a long time ago when I made crappy short films and had aspirations of being the next great female director. That didn't exactly pan out. ( I warned you, see above: Puns). Animals have always been in the picture. I am seriously passionate about expressing creativity through imagery featuring my favorite kind of people, the furry kind.


My friends call me TiffyGyver, because I can pretty much find a solution to any situation, and I apply that approach to my pet photography. Whether it's creating a completely random bit of equipment with duct tape and a paperclip, or just finding a unique way to soothe a nervous dog, I tend to always pull something out of thin air.


I have worked at the same veterinary clinic for nearly 20 years.  Because of my many (many, many many) years working in that environment, comfort and safety are my top priorities. I also have two decades of experience with handling and canine behavior which I utilize for every session.