(Applications Closed)

I am so excited to present the 30 Days of Gorgeous - Barking Beautiful Project. This project will feature 30 women, and I am looking for real women to participate. If you have been thinking about having your portrait taken, now is the time! (Plus your dog will be in the portrait, score!)


  •  You and I will chat on the phone for a few minutes to plan your amazing photo session.

  • Nominate someone you love to take part too!

  •  You have a fabulous experience with your dog being the stars of your own photo shoot.

  • You receive three gorgeous digital photographs chosen, edited and delivered by Tiffany!

  • You and your amazing photographs will be featured here on noblesoulphotography.com during the 30 days of gorgeous!


  • *Hair and makeup services $150

Ready to Get Involved?

Thank you for your interest in my Barking Beautiful Project! Applications are currently closed for this project. Please check back in the future for further opportunities!