Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog is not well trained? You only photograph obedience stars, right?

That is absolutely, 100% OK. I work with all levels of trained or untrained dogs. I will capture your dog's personality whether they can sit and stay for hours, or they have crazy zoomies the entire time. We will still get incredible images of your dog being themselves!

Does my dog need to be off leash?

Nope! 99% of the dogs you see in my galleries were photographed on leash. The leashes will be removed in post processing. It will be as if they were never there.

I have a black dog. Can you still get good photos of them?

Yes! Photographing a black dog is all about understanding how light works with their fur. I use special lights to bring out all the detail in black fur so it doesn’t end up looking like a dark blob. Everyone who has a dark dog knows how hard it is to get a good photo of them, but people are amazed when they see photos of their black pup with tons of detail and shine in their fur.

My dog is quite shy and/or nervous. Will you still be able to get decent photos?

Absolutely! I specialize in shy/nervous/anxious dogs that are otherwise friendly. We will take our time to keep them calm and stress-free using conditioning and desensitization to our benefit. I will take special precautions to ease their worries on the day of the session, and we can still end up with some wonderful images!

Can I bring more than one pet?

You sure can! My session fee includes up to three pets from the same household. I would be happy to add more furry family members for $50 per pet.

Can we include family members in some of the photos?

I love it when pet moms and dads are willing to be in the photos! While my main focus is always going to be on your pet, I love capturing a few images showing the beautiful bond that you share. They are always among my favorites from any session. I usually educate pet parents to show up to the session as if they will be photographed that day. The photos might not show all of you, but I like to have clients come prepared in case they do.

What happens if weather is bad on the day of the session?

I will contact you and we can easily reschedule the session to another day. If it's just sprinkling and your dog won't get too wet and uncomfortable, I may discuss attemping to hold the session, however, if the weather turns at any point we will always continue the session on another day.