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Barking Beautiful Project - Alana | Cleveland, Ohio Pet Photographer

"Beauty can mean a lot of things to me; in humans, I find beauty in bravery and courage in helping others. In jumping into action when someone gets hurt or breaking the status quo to make sure someone feels safe and included. Dogs' beauty stems from them always being happy in the current moment and never feeling insecure in their bodies. Dogs find joy and beauty in the smallest of things and it reminds me to do the same." - Alana

Alana is a shimmering, bright woman with a positive outlook and a wicked sense of humor. When I read her story I felt compelled to include her in the project to show to world that you can have adversity, and overcome it with style. After an illness, Alana was left suffering from a seizure disorder that zapped her independence and free spirit - until a little black floof named Toothless Marvel Padfoot entered her life and gave it right back.

Toothless, often affectionately referred to as "Toofs" or even "The Toofs", is Alana's steadfast service animal. She has the innate ability that some dogs possess of detecting seizures before they happen. She can alert Alana before she has an episode, allowing her to prepare safely. What a good girl!

You could even say she's somewhat of a superhero, after giving her mom her freedom and the ability to drive safely, I'd have to agree. In person they are a force to be reckoned with, bubbly and brimming with personality both. It would be hard not to be pulled into their infectious bubble of raucous wit, and pop culture references which had me cracking up their entire session!

As a service dog, you can imagine that Toofs is very well-trained and behaves herself like the regal lady that she undoubtedly is. She carries herself with an air of importance that makes one pause and take notice (although she wasn't above kicking up her heels and running around like a crazy girl for her action shots!).

"She never ceases to amaze me. She's brilliant, so incredibly loyal, and in the medical field - she's a life saver! She is eager to help others and is full of energy. She is witty, sassy, and finds the courage in herself to face her fears. Others say that she was born to be a star, but I think she's a whole constellation. You're going to love her; everyone does!"

Over the course of the project so far, I had seen several women and the incredible bonds they shared with their dogs, and Alana and Toothless were no exception. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a a part of the Barking Beautiful Project ladies! ♥

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