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Barking Beautiful Project - Antoinette | Cleveland, Ohio Pet Photography

"Beauty isn't just looks. You could be beautiful on the outside but be ugly within. It shouldn't be today's society's unattainable beauty standards. There is beauty in imperfections, and when you love yourself for who you are, that is beauty. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is a loving caring soul. Beauty is a good heart." - Antoinette

On a gorgeous late summer day, on the shore of Lake Erie, I met the effervescent Antoinette, a professional dog trainer, and her two amazing nuggets Koa the Australian Cattle Dog, and Nani the Collie Mix (who were both, of course, perfectly well-behaved).

Antoinette's passion for saving dogs through training and behavior modification is evident. She is an incredibly driven, talented woman who has made her life's work to help dog's understand how to act appropriately. Who else loves that? I do!

Koa and Nani are the dogs that call Antoinette mom, and their love and respect for her are obvious after spending only a few moments with them. Because they have been so well trained, even the throngs of people moving through Lakewood Park didn't phase them one bit. They were ready to run to their heart's content to get some incredible action shots, or settle down in a shady spot for an adorable posed portrait or two.

"Koa is a dashing handsome young man. He is an exuberant personality that can not be extinguished. His thirst for adventure and new experiences is surpassed only by his love for people."

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day on the lake for a photo session, and I am so, so grateful that Antoinette was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to get dolled up, and that I could capture the incredible bond she shares with these two gentle souls. Thank you for being a part of the project Antoinette, and for supporting my little dream. ♥

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