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Barking Beautiful Project - Beth | Chardon, Ohio Pet Photography

"Beauty is simply kindness-treating the world and all of it's creatures big and small with love and compassion." - Beth

Beth seems to be brimming with love and compassion. Momma to two senior Greyhound gentlemen, Gus and Oliver, she and I clicked instantly! She is a kindred spirit, who has the biggest heart full of love for her boys.

"Gus is our sweet old man who prefers to be in his recliner (read: awesome bed) watching the world unfold in front of him. He is very gentle, sweet and loves nothing more than snuggling (and eating). His bright eyes and buck teeth seem to win people over without his even having to lift a paw. Though some would consider him quiet, his gentle personality has always made him win friends easily."

I am not unwilling to admit that Gus' bucky teeth instantly won me over as well. Look at that face! We took our session slowly and stuck close to home so it wouldn't be too stressful on these little old men - and they did amazing!

Out of her love of rescued Greyhounds, she started Beth Wade Design, where she makes jewelry and accessories with a decidedly sighthound-y flair. Her work is absolutely stunning, inspired, and just being around her instills one with peace and an overabundance of creative energy.

Left to our own devices, I think we could have talked for hours about everything creative and canine. I am so blessed to have met her and her wonderful husband, Pete. Beth, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and sharing your beauty with the world. I am beyond grateful that you were a part of the project! ♥

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