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Barking Beautiful Project - Caitlin | Olmsted Falls, Ohio Dog Photographer

"Beauty to me means being graceful when you are going through hard times." - Caitlin

Caitlin is full of grace. Soft-spoken, understated, and completely, 100% a total sweetheart, she was a joy to work with. Her sweet boy, Snickers was having the time of his life dashing through the fallen leaves and posing on the river at the David Fortier River Park, and generally showing off his sunny disposition. I can see how much he cares for Caitlin, and also what an amazing friend he can be when she needs it the most.

"Snickers has helped me see the sunshine in life and showed me unconditional love has no bounds."
"Snickers and I are the best of buds! He is my little shadow and fills my life with sunshine. He acts like a child when he wants something and will sit or stand on his hind legs to get my attention. Snickers reminds me that no matter how bad a day can seem there is some sunshine in the rain if you look for it."

As we traveled through the park during their session, we came upon an area of the river that pooled lazily over the giant stone slabs, allowing you to walk right out into the middle safely. These reflection photos are some of my very favorite from Caitlin and Snickers' session! The sun by then was starting to set, draping the background in a stunning light that was just beginning to tip towards golden.

Caitlin, thank you so much for being a part of the Barking Beautiful Project, and for sharing your beautiful light with the world. I am honored to have met you and Snickers, and I wish you and your family the best! ♥

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