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Barking Beautiful Project - Christeen | Cleveland, Ohio Pet Photographer

"Deacon is my light when I find myself in dark places. This past year has been especially hard and he has been my reason for getting myself together and wanting to help others. He has been a huge part in my mental health, physical health and shown me how to be more accepting and understanding." - Christeen

A staunch advocate for sharing the truth about Pit Bulls (Spoiler Alert: they are marshmallows.), Christeen is always working on showing the world what amazing dogs bully breeds can be. During our session we were often stopped while walking from one location to another so that someone could admire handsome Deacon, and give him some well-deserved pats. Deacon enjoyed his celebrity status, and took everything in with aplomb. Cool as a cucumber whether he was posing like a model for a photo, or waiting patiently for a curious child to stroke him in awe - he took it all in stride.

There is something about photographing bully breeds that makes my heart sing every time I look on the back of my camera. They are one of the most photogenic breeds ever. I don't know if it's their calm confidence, or that goofy grin, but they make my heart skip a beat every time I press the shutter.

"Caring, gentle, sharing, warm, compassionate and handsome!"

He's handsome indeed, and I have a pretty good idea that he knows it too. From jumping through the tall grass for action shots, to standing on a picnic table like a champ (sensing a theme here? I put a lot of dogs on picnic tables. 🤣), he was ready for anything!

Especially another yummy treat... please?

"Deacon is my world."

Chris, I cannot thank you enough for braving the heat, and hiking a mountain with me as we walked all over that park! Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world, and for showing it that Pit Bulls aren't scary monsters... they are just big clowns that love life. ♥

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