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Barking Beautiful Project - Danielle | Westlake, Ohio Pet Photography

"An inner radiance and confidence that extends beyond physical features." - Danielle

When I first spoke to Danielle on the phone we were cracking up together within minutes! She is warm, hilarious, and as down to earth as they come. We agreed to meet for her session at Edgewater Park, and I had the pleasure of meeting the ineffable Lily, and her sister-of-the-flying-ears, Ruby. These little powerhouses were up for just about any adventure we could think of, and fighting the crazy winds off Lake Erie didn't phase them one bit!

"Ruby is bubbly, fun, likes kick back and relax. Lily is a spitfire, hilarious, life of the party, center of attention."

From sprinting across the grass in front of the Cleveland skyline, to hamming it up on top of a picnic table for the MOST hysterically funny wide angle photos I have ever taken - these girls attacked their session with gusto.

Danielle and her boyfriend were troopers during their session as well, traveling from one end of the park to the other, from the wind blasted pier to climbing on slippery rocks with a riled up Lake Erie seemingly exploding just feet behind her - Danielle is not the type of woman to back down from a challenge!

I am so grateful she isn't, because I am thrilled to have met their family, and had the pleasure of capturing these two sweet girls having the time of their lives. Thank you so much for being a part of the project Danielle, and for tackling mother nature with me! ♥

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