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Barking Beautiful Project - Nicole | Lorain, Ohio Pet Photography

"Beauty to me is authenticity. Beauty is not skin deep like the saying goes, beauty originates in your soul. A pretty face means nothing without a caring soul."

A caring soul is exactly what Nicole has in spades. After purchasing her first home, she has made it a priority to foster and rehabilitate dogs. Not any dogs, mind you - she takes in the older, disabled, or special needs dogs and gives them a safe place to learn how to be a dog again. It takes a very special kind of person to dedicate their life to such a noble cause.

Marnie is the personification (dogification?) of love, and as you can tell she is clearly smitten with her mom Nicole! While I don't think she is the alpha queen bee of the house (that honor is taken by a tiny, old lady pomeranian - who else?), Marnie is definitely the love bug of the pack who wants to be right where the action is. She seems to be saying, "Whatever you guys are doing, I'm in!" and was an amazing sport for her session with Nicole!

With her cute little bat ears, and that trademark pittie smile, I think no one is immune to Marnie's charms, and she knows it.

Nicole, I can't thank you enough for your support of the Barking Beautiful Project, and for everything you do and sacrifice for these amazing dogs. You are an inspiration!! ♥

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