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Barking Beautiful Project - Peggy | Seven Hills, Ohio Pet Photographer

"I find beauty in leaving the world a little bit better or a little bit happier than moment by moment and relish the moments where I can watch someone else smile." - Peggy

This quote sums Peggy up so well. From the first moment I walked into her home with Ramona, our makeup artist, I met an incredibly kind, selfless woman. We chatted for a bit while she was attended to by Ramona, and you can just tell this is a person who is passionate about sharing her light with the world.

We traveled to the Brecksville Reservation for her session, and I was overwhelmed with all of the possibilities! I mean there was even a little old fashioned train station for goodness sake! We moved around to a few different locations within the reservation, and took photos until well after the sun had dipped beyond the horizon, painting the sky a beautiful bluish purple.

"She is a light and reminds me to find joy in small moments and I love watching her bring joy to other people. She is the embodiment and amplification in my belief in what beauty is! She reminds me that there is beauty in every person and every moment if you are looking for it."

I would be remiss if I neglected to explain just what a joy Ruby was to work with as well! A darling one year old Golden Retriever, Ruby charms you instantly and you feel as if you've always been great friends. She's so very present, and while she's definitely a bit goofy as all young dogs tend to be, looking into her eyes reveals the depths of an amazingly wise soul.

"EXUBERANT! I deliberately chose capital letters for that because Ruby lives every moment in capital letters, on level 12 out of 10 at the least. She is social to a fault, loves meeting new and dogs people and new experiences."

Peggy, thank you so much for having the incredible courage to put yourself out there with the project, and for sharing your and Ruby's time with me! I am so glad you were a part of it! ♥

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