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Barking Beautiful Project - Taylor | North Ridgeville, Ohio Pet Photography

"Tiny moments of confidence. It could be having a great hair day, selling one of your favorite pieces of art, or an anxiety filled dog trusting you for just a second. Beauty is tiny moments of clarity without the constant doubts we fill ourselves with." - Taylor

Taylor and her wife Nora are two of the most fun, down to earth women I've ever met. They share their beautiful home with Moose & Lulu, a super handsome German Shepherd, and the most sassy, gorgeous little Toy Poodle respectively. They also run a business called, surprise - Moose & Lulu's where they make all the cool things! From gourmet dog treats, to adorable custom dog tags, and even apparel! They have a little something for any crazy dog or cat mom.

After a bit of glamming from the wonderful Ramona, we convened at a local park to embark on a two hour adventure! The sun began setting as we came upon the most adorable old wooden bridge, framing the trio in the most delectable light.

"Has a Masters in Zoomies and a Minor in Chewing. Part goofy, part landshark, but mostly just a big sweetheart."

Moose showed off his Zoomies mastery with all the right moves!

"Who runs the world? She does. Has a Masters in Sass and a Minor in Snuggling but Food is her true passion. Believes everyday should consist of at least three long naps. She is a strong independent women."

Taylor's description of Lulu the Toy Poodle had me cracking up! I too believe that every day should consist of three long naps - Lulu I'm with you girl! When we brought out the treats for some fun wide angle shots after the sun had set, Lulu turned on the charm, and was the queen of the mountain, just as she should be. I mean look at those eyes!

Taylor I am so grateful to you and Nora for spending your afternoon with this crazy dog lady with a camera! You two are so kind, and inspirational! So, so happy you were a part of the project! ♥

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