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Fall Yorkie Photo Session | Massillon, Ohio Dog Photography

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Two peas in a pod!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing these two little terrier siblings this past November. Skyler(left) and his sister Holly braved the cold with their mom Hannah and I and we were able to capture some awesome, personality-filled images of the duo.

We started out the usual way - a little bit of action to get the blood pumping! These tiny troopers did great, and trotted up and down the path like pros. Many people believe Yorkshire Terriers are best suited for lounging in laps or lazing on the couch, but that couldn't be further from the truth! These diminutive companions are dogs of action and energy - they are ALL terrier!

Holly even showed off some of her awesome levitation skills and earned herself the nickname "Hovering Holly"!

After a quick break to warm up in our cars (did I mention it was only 35 degrees that day!?) we regrouped and dove right into the "putting yorkies on things" part of the session. :)

The big boulders at Lake Petros Park are perfect props for placing pups. (Sorry, couldn't resist some alliteration!) These two hopped around on top of the giant rocks like they had done it their entire lives. Although, when you think about it, when you are less than 12 inches tall you're entire life is a series of rock, or couch, or chair, or bed-climbing adventures!

Although yorkies are known for their small size, I couldn't resist getting a few of my favorite "hero" shots. Combining an epic low, wide-angle shot with a tiny, spunky little canine is my kinda juxtaposition.

After we turned them into superheroes, and took another warm-up break, we slowed things down for some portraits of Holly and Skyler interacting with their amazing mom Hannah.

Finally, as the sun was setting, and the air was getting chillier by the second, we wrapped up our shoot by setting up a portrait of the two siblings together, best buds for life.

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