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The Barking Beautiful Project

Imagine this if you will... it's summer 2019, and I have been listening to a ton of podcasts about business, body positivity, and self-love expressed via the medium of photography. This isn't a new concept for portrait photographers around the world. Helping women realize their inner beauty is a cause I can get behind for sure - but I am not a portrait photographer in the strictest sense of the word. How can I do something like this, but with dogs? I was driving home, and listening to a podcast related to this concept for about the 5th time when my brain lit up and I saw my path laid out in front of me.

"A project, that celebrates women, and the dogs who love them unconditionally!" I thought to myself. It felt... right. You know when you're onto something really good, and your whole body gets kind of tingly? That totally happened to me. Once I had a chance to think about it a little bit more, the details started to solidify. I could do sessions for women that have an incredible bond with their dog, an amazing story to tell the world. I can hire a professional hair and makeup artist to bring out their radiant beauty, and show them just how gorgeous they really are.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. As someone who has wholly struggled with weight and body image issues her entire life, I can't express enough how important this project is for us ladies. Our dogs love us for our hearts, not our looks. To them we are all gorgeous creatures, and they don't care if we're in our sweats, or our makeup isn't done. They see our inner beauty. That was my goal - to help women see themselves as their dogs do.

So I started planning how this project would work, and let me tell you - I was obsessed! I ended up selecting 30 women from the 150+ that applied for the project. Of those original 30 chosen, I ended up photographing about 20 women before the weather gave out in December. Their stories will be shared, along with a few images from their sessions, over the next couple of weeks here on the blog. I hope you will go along on this journey with us, and help us celebrate the fearlessness, strength, and yes - beauty of these incredible women. ♥

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