• Tiffany

Three Dog Session at Sippo Lake Park | Massillon, Ohio Pet Photography

I have known these three little clowns for over 5 years now as their pet sitter. I take care of Zack, Max, and Zoey whenever their parents have to travel, and over the years we've become the best of friends.

Each dog definitely has their own personality, from Zack's mouthy goofiness, to Zoey's fiestiness - they are all unabashedly true to themselves. I couldn't wait to create some gorgeous photographs showcasing their different personalities for their mom & dad!

One of my biggest concerns that I had to prepare for, is that Max is diabetic and completely blind. Sightless dogs react to everything differently, and I wasn't sure how Max would react to the experience. I made sure to bring some extra yummy, stinky treats to help direct his head where I needed it, which tends to work the best in vision impaired dogs since their nose still works perfectly fine. After a little bit of experimentation, I came to realize that I had nothing whatsoever to worry about. Just like his brother and sister, Max was a furry little rock star!

I had a blast hanging out with this family of five, and we were able to capture some incredible personality filled images for them to always remember Zack's raucous bark, Zoey's adorable little snorts, and Max's sweet cuddles.

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