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What should I do with my photos after they're taken? | Massillon, Ohio Dog Photography

Let's be honest for a sec, ok? When you've had portraits done in the past, did they hand over a thumb drive or CD full of images? Did you take those images and put them in what I like to call a "very special place"? In other words, in a drawer or between a couple of books - somewhere that you thought was a nice safe place, but then promptly, totally, and completely forgot about?

You are not alone! We ALL do it. When I started pet photography I was a total shoot & burn photographer. When I handed over that disc I always felt a bit odd, like "Here's your plastic disc, enjoy!" That is why I truly consider handing over a bunch of digital images to a client an unfinished job. When we part ways, I don't want there to be another step or hoop you have to jump through to be able to enjoy and show off your images. I offer a complete service, so after all is said and done - you will instantly be able to enjoy custom art work of your dog - and, because I really stand behind my products I guarantee them for life, so you will enjoy them for decades to come.

My tribe will totally get how just looking at a dog fills you with unbridled joy. They love us unconditionally, and fill our lives with grace, laughter, and yes - dog hair. Who wouldn't want an amazing portrait of their best friend in all their goofy, doggy glory up on their wall?

Don't have a lot of wall space? I can create coffee table books that tell the story of you and your dog, or stunning acrylic image blocks that can fit into the smallest of spaces but deliver a great big pop to your decor.

There are no set collections, which means you can pick and choose whatever goes best for your style and home. Every order is customized to you, and we will work together to pick out what you absolutely love. Want to share your dog's ridiculously adorable mug on your social media? I have you covered! Every product you purchase includes the corresponding digital files included - no charge.

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