How It Works

What happens when you book a session for your pet?

Pre-Session Consultation

The first thing we will do is set up a pre-session meeting to discuss our goals for the shoot, go over specifics to ensure a great session, collect your reservation fee, and go over pricing, answer any questions you may have, and make a plan for the shoot.

Scheduling Your Session

Once the pre-session meeting has taken place, we will schedule a time for the actual shoot. Typically the best light for outdoor sessions is in the evenings after 5-6pm. Outdoor sessions are dependent upon the weather, so we will always keep a close eye on the forecast and make adjustments if needed. If the session needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather I will always reschedule at no cost! Studio sessions are offered in the comfort of your own home, and do not have to be held during any particular time of day.

Preparing for Your Session

A few days before the shoot, it is a good idea to prepare your pet by giving them a bath and a good brushing, or even making an appointment with a groomer if they are in need of a trim. You want your baby looking their most dapper on the day of the session.

Session Day

We will have a fun, stress-free session and capture some funny, adorable, personality-filled images of your fur baby. At this time we will set up an appointment for your reveal and sales session.

Reveal Party

For the reveal, I will personally come to your home and we will view all of the images from your session. We will also decide what products you would like and finalize your order at this time. I promise I will bring some beautiful canvas and metal wall art as well as other samples that you can see and feel. Don't forget, your reservation retainer will turn into a product credit! If you would like to utilize a payment plan to break your total up into a few monthly payments, we will set this up at that time as well. Most clients spend at least $500 on products, however, there are no set collections - so some spend less, and some spend more.


I will keep you up to date on your products as they are created and shipped to me. After I have looked everything over to make sure it is absolutely perfect, I will contact you to set up a good time to deliver them. We will meet up and you will get the thrill of opening your products!